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Factory Address:

Xiangtan Jiuhua Industrial Park, Hunan, China.

Office Address:

Shaziling, Xiangtan, Hunan, China.

Tel: 86-731-52345997

Fax: 86-731-57800336



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2011               Hunan Jufa Technology Co.Ltd. and Beijing University of Chemical Technology established the Research and Development Center on 15th Jan.2011.The project of 30000 Metric tons of MMO new materials entered into Xiangtan Jiuhua Industrial Park.

2009               With the development of production and business we recombinated and renamed as Hunan Jufa Technology Co.Ltd.

 2005               The trial production of Eco friendly pigments Complex inorganic color pigments has been successfully developed.

 1995               General manger Zhao purchased  No.I Chemical Plant of Xiangshui in Xiangtan county.the major products of cadmium  yellowcadmium orange and cadmium red are selling throughout the country .Renamed as Xiangtan Jufa Pigment Chemical Co.Ltd.

 1992               With years of practices and exploration general manager Zhao has accumulated rich experience in production of inorganic pigments.Xiangtan Pigment Chemical Co.Ltd was established in 1992.

 1985               Mr Zhao Tieguang the founder and the general manager of Jufa Pigmentstarted to get involved in the production of inorganic pigments.

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